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In Memory – Tuff – 8·10·2000 – 9·16·2016

I’ve been wondering lately what the magic number is. That number, or rather age, of a dog – when you feel you’ve “won.”  The age that, once your beloved dog hits it, you feel you’ve won the lottery – anything extra is icing. On the flip side, it’s a number that if you don’t get there – somehow you feel cheated.

I think the number is 15. Whether I’m right isn’t the point. It’s “my” number. For those who have giant breeds – 10 may be your “magic” number. And for those toy breeds – admittedly some look at 15 and it remains in the rear view mirror as this sturdy group trudges on to 16, 18, – even 20.  The oldest dog I’ve ever personally met was a Jack Russell Terrier who, when I lost touch, was 22 years young!

My dear friend Tessa lost her beloved Tuff this weekend. He had just hit 16 a month back. I don’t know what Tessa’s “magic” number is but I do know Tuff had a magic life with her and his mates, Zoey and Jessie.  It’s hard to believe 6 years have passed since they trounced through the fields of Tranquility Farm – and had the energy for a studio session as well. It was a magical day and you can see that session here.

I hope Tuff made it to Tessa’s “magic” number. Somehow it seems to make the loss a tad more bearable. Meanwhile, I know Jessie and Zoey will struggle also as they adjust to the new “order” of things.  Tuff packed a LOT of personality in that tiny little body. He will be missed and loved forever. My sympathy, Tessa.


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