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In Memory – Girlie

As I’ve mentioned I’m getting a lot of sad news of late. So many of the dogs I photographed in the 2006-2011 span are leaving us. I got the news last week that my friends, Kevin and Don, lost the second of their gaggle of four – Cassie- nicknamed “Girlie” shortly after arriving into her forever home . Having just said goodbye to their dear Blake in September certainly didn’t make this loss any easier.

But then, none of them are easy. Sometimes we know they’re coming – as was the case with this sweet girl. Her kidneys had started failing and supportive measures finally couldn’t keep up.  Knowing does NOT make it easier. It does give you time though. Time to relish their presence in those final months. Time to reflect. Time to spoil them.  And knowing Kevin and Don – they did just that.

Girlie was a rescue. Super shy at first – the photos here were taken not long after she had joined the family –  she always was the “worrier.” Time has a way of healing so many things – even dogs. Whatever darkness her past held, as the years passed, she warmed up and climbed up – right into the hearts of Kevin and Don.

Which is where, of course, she will remain forever. My heart is with my friends right now. I also hold Penny and Dash in my thoughts as the remaining two struggle with the loss of their life long buddies.  RIP sweet Girlie. Say hi to Blakey for all of us.


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